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Healing & Therapy For Yoga-Minded People
with Jay Kantor, Ph.D - 201-461-7347

EFT - Emotional Freedom Techniques - Energy Psychology  Heal mental, emotional, & spiritual issues gently & quickly.  Uses energy balancing of the meridian system (prana) to heal and expand consciousness.  Facilitates healing physical issues.  A highly effective, short-term therapy.  Use also for self-therapy, self-help.  Go to www.EFTNJ.Com .  Use EFT for enhancing performance of all kinds of tasks and relationships, and for increasing success in any area.  Go to www.TappingIntoSuccess.Com .

Energy Healing for addressing challenges in the body, mind, and spirit.  Heal by accessing, balancing, clearing, and processing the energy held in the chakras and the aura.  Powerful, proven methods, including Therapeutic Touch, Healing Touch, Pranic Healing, and Rohun Spiritual Psyhotherapy.  Click HERE to learn how Energy Healing works.  Go to for information on chakra-based spiritual psychotherapy.

Use The BodyTalk System to access your body's innate, healing wisdom to determine exactly what help your body needs to heal itself.  The BodyTalk practitioner uses muscle testing to reveal the body's own preferences for a wide variety of bodymind interventions which re-establish the critical bodymind connections that have been lost.  Establish bodymind wholeness.  See these websites: The Bodytalk System and Bodytalk Article .

Introducing Jay Kantor, Ph.D. Jay holds a Doctorate in Psychology from Columbia University, and has studied energy and spiritual healing with the foremost teachers in the United States.  He has studied Energy Psychology and EFT with two innovators in the field, Dr. Gary Craig and Dr. Fred Gallo. Jay is a nationally-published expert on holistic healing and has had a healing and therapy practice for more than 18 years.

Jay Kantor, Ph.D.
10 Wilsey Sq. #280
Ridgewood, NJ
(201) 461-7347
Email: .

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