Rohun Therapy

With Dr. Jay Kantor, Ph.D. -- 201-461-7347

Rohun Center of New Jersey, 10 Wilsey Square, Ridgewood, NJ

A Powerful Synthesis of Spiritual, Psychological & Energy Healing

An Introduction to Rohun

In Rohun Therapy, developed by visionary and healer Patricia Hayes, Director of Delphi Institute in McCaysville, Georgia, the client enters into a relaxed, focused state of awareness and, with the caring, gentle assistance of the therapist, begins to perceive, and, ultimately, release troubling feelings, thoughts, and images originally created by negative experiences in the client's life.

In Rohun, it is recognized that feelings, thoughts, and images are not mental constructs, but actually exist as energies held within the chakras -- the subtle energy centers located along the spine -- and also held within the various levels of the aura -- the energy bodies that surround and greatly influence the functioning of the physical body. The Ro-Hun therapist can see, feel, and directly interact with the energies, thereby offering valuable assistance to the client in understanding the disempowering energies that are affecting their life, and in releasing these energies.

Ro-Hun whole-heartedly embraces spirituality; both the client and therapist are channels of healing energy -- unconditional love from the highest source. As clients progressively release the heavy, inharmonious remnants of negative experience, their consciousness is naturally raised and, through the law of attraction , because they now embody more positive energies, they begin to attract more positive experiences to their lives. By embracing and experiencing greater self-love and forgiveness, Ro-Hun clients are empowered to turn the direction of their lives from suffering to joy.

Ro-Hun Purification Sessions

In Ro-Hun Therapy, purification takes place in three 2 1/2 hour private sessions which systematically release energy blocks at each of the seven chakras (energy centers). the client and practitioner work together in an expanded state of consciousness to:

  • Identify and transform energies being held in the client's energy fields which currently limit their ability to live a purposeful, satisfying, peaceful life.
  • Clear issues present at birth stemming from parents' negative emotional patterns and faulty thoughts
  • Rid themselves of their "judge"
  • Incorporate divine male and female energies
  • Establish a loving relationship with the inner child
  • Allow the client to experience the law of attraction
  • Integrate the personality and the Higher Self
  • Enable the client to receive spiritual guidance and healing from the sacred place within the self.

In-Depth Intuitive Readings

In this form of intuitive reading, the channel connects profoundly with the deepest aspects of the client and reveals to them their unique potential and opportunities to maximize success and happiness in personal development, career, relationships, family, etc. These loving, hopeful sessions last 1 hour.

Dr. Jay Kantor holds a Ph.D. in Social Psychology from Columbia University, and has studied spiritual, energy, and psychological healing with the country's leading healers including Barbara Brennan (Hands of Light), Dolores Krieger (Therapeutic Touch), Dr. Robert Jaffe (Advanced Energy Healing), Dr. Bill Baldwin (Spirit Releasement Therapy), Victoria Merkle (Energy Healing), Patricia Hayes (Mediumship and Ro-Hun Therapy) & Rev. Rosalyn Bruyere.. He directs the Ro-Hun Center of New Jersey, located in Ridgewood, with easy access from Bergen, Rockland, Essex, and Morris counties via the Garden State Parkway and Routes 287, 80, 17, and 4.